Dealer Info

Here's some basic information about being a dealer:
1. It's a lot of fun!
2. You're always at a different location, meeting different people, which makes it interesting. Locations are typically hotels, country clubs, and ranches. Most parties are in San Antonio, however some may be in surrounding cities not that far from San Antonio.
3. We entertain for all types of groups: corporate parties, conventions, sales meetings, society type galas, high school proms, church fund raisers, law firm parties and holiday events.
4. Most of the dealers will be like you, in that they like gambling. You will make new friends with the other dealers.
5. The parties are generally on weekends, during the evenings. Some parties are during the week.
6. This is part-time work. A part time "hobby" is a better description.
7. Training is free! A training session is 4 nights. We expect that you already know how to play the game. The training focuses on dealing technique, giving you the "look" of a real Las Vegas dealer.
8. Everyone starts off being a blackjack dealer. Some move on to roulette and craps. If you like to play craps, we would be particularly interested in talking to you! If this interests you, call us now at (210) 590-7805!